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Property Development, Management & Planning

Integrated Development, Building and Construction

­ Property

• Management and co-ordination of design and costing functions aimed at maximum cost efficiencies to promote best returns;
• Assessment, preparation negotiation and drafting of full contractual frameworks;
• Monitoring and co-ordination of planning approval processes;
• Full construction site project management and financial performance and construction cost monitoring;
• Tenant co-ordination services;
• Procurement of important certification pertinent to construction completion and occupation;
• Operational readiness (co-ordination of warranties and warranty cessions for operating equipment and materials; operating manuals; as-built drawings, etc.);
• Management of building maintenance;
• Customised reporting during pre-development, construction and operations phases and yield variance analysis to support decision making.

Letting and Centre management

­ Property

• Management of all leasing functions including sourcing of tenants; negotiation and drafting of tailor made leases aimed at optimising revenue from the development in order to maximize returns

Property Due Diligence

­ Property

• Physical inspection and recording, checking of physical access, levels, drainage and servitudes, engineering consideration, condition assessments etc;
• Land/legal (land title assessment (endorsements, interdicts, notarial deeds, restrictive covenants, liens, leases and mortgages) and review of applicable contracts and required contractual framework);
• Town Planning legislation rules and schemes;
• Technical Services (architect, geotechnical, environmental, survey, traffic, utilities (power, water and sewerage) quantity surveying and general costing, etc.);
• Financial Feasibility modelling (return analysis, debt serviceability and coverage);
• Tenant mix and insights from national tenants/retailers;
• Building maintenance and upkeep;
• Risk matrices – risk identification and mitigation;
• Development Project Management

Structuring and Raising of required Debt ­

­ Property

• Based on traditional property finance and project finance-based principles supported by detailed financial modelling and forecasting which is fully integrated into the development management service.

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