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Retail Property Investment restructuring


Clancarthy Investments (Pty) Ltd

Our Role:

Property Developer and Manager, Financial Advisor and Financial Modeller

Creation of a single investment entity for G5 principles and other investors. The process for this entailed lead advisory work, planning and implementation of financial and legal advisory services rendered to investors for the planning, management and execution of a restructuring of investments to the value of circa R250 million rand involving inter alia the full assessment of regulatory frameworks including legislative, common law and accounting principles inclusive of tax, company law and the law of trusts. The process, which was fundamentally a non-limited recourse model, involved the creation of a single holding entity for all investments and incorporated inter alia extensive financial modelling and feasibilities, share swaps, share and claim sales, securities, pre-emptive right processes, shareholder agreements, dividend and other policies, consolidation of debt, the creation of long-term annuity streams and initial value extraction and ongoing management provisions and management fees. Execution and implementation of the process further involved the preparation, drafting, review and settlement of all applicable instruments together with all relevant statutory, tax and secretarial work including all necessary consultations and engagements with banks, third party attorneys and stakeholders relating to the process

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