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ABInBev and Coca Cola Beverages Africa


ABInBev South Africa and Coca Cola Beverages Africa

Our Role:

Project Manager and Financial Advisor

Financial Advisor and Project Manager to ABInBev and CCBA in respect of undertaking a Feasibility Study for the development of industrial facilities. Responsibilities were to define the objectives of the Project , Identify the technical, financial, economic and/ or legal services required to execute the Project; Define the appropriate scope of work for each appointed expert required; Manage and coordinate the assimilation of the outputs of each expert/ work stream into an integrated output; Manage the appointed team of experts to ensure that there is appropriate interaction between the teams so that issues are shared between different competencies/ work groups to achieve appropriate integration and to develop an integrated solution; Prepare the reporting required for the Project to ensure that the technical, financial, economic and/ or legal services outcomes are presented in an integrated an coherent manner; and Maintain commercial oversight of the Project and report to the client/ sponsor project lead/s on all aspects

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